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Healthcare Apps in Modern Era

Modern-day healthcare has been revolutionized by the application of technology. From telemedicine to image scanning and research, technology is being used extensively to improve the way healthcare is carried out globally. Our healthcare solutions are intended to benefit doctors, paramedics and other healthcare professionals, patients, people who are generally health-conscious and support staff in the medical industry such as pharmacists, equipment suppliers, and hospital administration staff. The innovative healthcare mobility solutions make healthcare more transparent, and accessible for all.


Mobile Branding for Hospitals

Branding for hospitals is made possible with our mobile apps for healthcare. The hospitals connect with people who access information from smartphones and whose preferred mode of communication is the mobile platform. Data is shared and information is collected. A customized mobile app therefore helps medical institutions increase their visibility in mobile platforms and thereby more people. Mobatia’s unique customization features help market the needs of a healthcare facility. Information is received much better over mobile devices.


Notifications and Appointment Scheduling

The app helps patients to check the availability of doctors and fix appointments. They will receive confirmation notification when an appointment is scheduled. It is applicable for insurance approvals too. Hospitals can use the app to send periodic health tips and alerts to the patients. The app can also be tailored so that the hospitals can provide unique features to the patients as they desire.

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