Build Web with our Node. js Technology!

How does our Node,js technology help your business?

We use Node.js which represents a multipurpose platform for web applications used to develop standard web applications on the server-side, where it can control a large number of occurring connections in a non-blocking way. It is easier to build lightweight and efficient products for start-ups and enterprises through software development with Node.js.

  • ­­Multi Purpose platform for web application development
  • ­­Build server side apps with Node.js
  • ­­Ability to multitask for executing numerous actions concurrently

Our expert Node.js development service helps build scalable and event-driven backend apps for you, allowing you to fully meet your modern web app’s requirements. Our Node.js developers have helped our several clients to build server-side apps that call for scalability and the ability to multitask for executing numerous actions concurrently. This reduces the time for starting up very much.

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Features of Our Node. js Development Services

Real - Time Web Application
At Mobatia we develop messenger apps, project management apps, collaborative apps, audio-video conferencing apps and such effective real-time apps using Node’s bidirectional communication protocol WebSocket.
Enterprise Level Application
We create secure and scalable enterprise-level applications that are rich in features and serve millions of users effortlessly.
On - Demand Streaming Apps
We easily use Node.js to develop streaming apps as it can process the data during upload. We tap into this ability of Node.js for developing audio or video streaming apps that enable the user to stream part of the content while downloading new components in the background according to the demand of the user.
Migrating to Micro Service Architecture
We modularize monolithic architectures into small independent services with a view to providing better efficiency and management of your app. We help you leverage the benefits of Microservice using Node.js with Express, creating highly flexible and efficient independent modules.

Advantages of Node. js

High Performance
Improved App Response Time
Mobile Friendly
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