What Makes Our Web Development Stand Out?

Design and Develop Websites in WordPress/PHP!

With around a decade of experience in this area, we have established ourselves as a reputed WordPress development company. We have a solid understanding of Custom WordPress theme development and follow the best strategies and plans to develop the themes for websites. We develop different plugins to enable different features, creating multi-faceted themes and templates.

  • ­Supports large amount of database
  • ­Independent Platform and attractive templates
  • ­Easy to change and custom the contents easily

PHP is probably the closest thing to a standard scripting language available online. It has great versatility, performance, reliability, low development & maintenance cost allowing businesses to go for them easily for the web. We use Cloud services and solutions such as PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and various backend solutions that are based on PHP.

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Our strategy of WordPress Development

Analyse Client's Objectives

  • We analyze the client’s objectives at the outset and try to understand the purpose behind the website.
  • Following this, our developers start designing, coding and testing. We are capable of converting any website into Wordpress without compromising on content management and pixels.

Approval from Client

  • Since we depend on previews and timely approvals from the client at every milestone, the client has no room for nasty surprises.
  • Having experienced the challenges faced in mobile-friendly website development and will the required skills and know-how to overcome them efficiently.

Develop the WordPress Site

  • Our Wordpress developers have the capability to develop high-quality and full-scale Wordpress websites that cater to established industry standards and latest trends.
  • We can ensure you a website that is compatible with all internet-enabled devices. A website that is 100% fully responsive is our end goal.

Maintenance of Web

  • Our WordPress maintenance services are designed to enable you to focus on your core your business. We will take care of your website and its smooth functioning, 24X7. This will free you up in terms of time and energy.
  • Total access to installation and configuration. Satisfaction guaranteed for the client

Our WordPress/PHP Development Process


The first stage is to understand the client requirement and the existing client systems, as the website or web application will eventually be integrated into this system. The analysis will cover all the aspects of clients’ business and their needs especially on how the website will be merged with their existing system. Our team comes up with the initial project documents with Project Plan, Requirements Specification, Cost Estimate, Resource requirements, Hardware and Software requirements, etc.


Mobatia comes up with a partially or fully functional prototype depending on the clients’ need. We may need to show them the interactivity of the application or site but oftentimes we are required to provide two or three design alternatives with images and navigation. All changes proposed by the client will be finalized before going to the build phase. Client sign-off is taken on high level and low level designs before going ahead with the design.


Our developers are by now familiar with the interface. They fully understand the design and navigation of the site. The developers are also in constant interaction with the designers during this phase. The designer often develops some graphics buttons whenever the developer is in need, especially while using some form buttons. Our developers also use CVS to control the sources. Coding documents including unit test plans are developed by the programmers even as the testing team comes up with System Test Plan and test cases.  The coding team also prepares the database-driven functions and the end-user documents. These will be used by the project team during maintenance.


All web-based applications at Mobatia undergo testing since the applications being built are to function as a multi-user, multi-tier system with bandwidth limitations. The testing we carry out includes Unit Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Stress testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing and Browser Compatibility Testing. Testing is done both manually and using automation tools. The outputs shared with the client include Requirements Traceability Matrix, Test Reports and Test Logs.


We do release the web based applications or website as per the requirement of the client. We do website promotion along with the launch. This includes preparation of meta tags, analysis and submitting the URL to the search engines and directories. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are usually an on-going process which is subject to changes based on the strategies of the search engine. We also make clicks and submissions for clients who require these.


We understand the need for frequent updates to keep the websites relevant. This requires further periodic analyses wherein the project life-cycle steps will be repeated. Post-production support also takes care of fixing any errors that may have slipped. Once the client’s website is fully functional, it regularly needs promotion, maintenance, content management, updates and reporting on site visit activity.
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