Payment Gateway Integration!


Why to integrate payment gateway

Whether you are using a website to sell goods or services, it is important to offer your customers a safe, fast and easy-to-use payment system. This will help in conversion rates and also end customer retention. It makes more sense to process the customers’ payments through their own web page instead of relying on third-party applications and external services. Therefore the payment solution that we choose for you has to satisfy both your business needs and the needs of your end customers. It must be protected from fraud, it must support several payment methods and must be convenient to use and compatible with your platform.


Reason to have a payment gateway

The main reason why a client goes for an electronic payment system is to have the ability to process credit or debit cards, online banking enablers, etc. Choosing the right payment gateway determines the currencies you can accept, the transaction fee, how fast money gets in your merchant account and the payment methods you will offer. We at Mobatia use some of the best payment integration systems available like CCAvenue, Stripe, PayPal and Google Payments Center.

Types of Payment Gateway Integration

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