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Features of POS Application

  • Inventory Management is done efficiently as a comprehensive report of stock status
  • Customer Management by storing the data on the purchasing history of the customer. This leads to finding more customers
  • Sales Analytics helps to maintain an automatic record of the products being sold and analyze the revenue earned on each of those
  • Accounting Management is done by managing and integrating with accounting software like SAP and QuickBooks

Benefits of our POS App

  • Used online or offline
  • Tailored for client’s products with photos, names, and prices
  • Receipts sent through email or text
  • The integration of punch card loyalty programs can be integrated
  • Associated products like an online marketplace, online invoicing, and online appointment
  • No setup costs
  • No monthly contracts or termination fees

How Point of Sale Works?

Selling Goods

The goods are sold to the customers by scanning the barcode. The bar code tells about the selling price of the product and generates the bill

Collects Data

The POS system demands some customer information like name and contact number during billing. This is saved for use in future for promotional messages

Post Sales

The system updates the inventory by showing the item as sold and checks the total amount of that particular product left in stock

Out of Stock

The POS system senses if a product will soon go out-of-stock and contact the supplier and place an order. When the stock arrives, it updates the inventory by adding the number of products purchased

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