Mobile Application for Hospitals!


mobiCare for Hospitals

Mobicare, our mobile application for hospitals, integrates seamlessly with the hospital management systems to provide patients, doctors, managerial staff, paramedics, insurance providers and all other stakeholders with superior quality user experience. It thereby helps users of the app interact with the hospital system to book or change appointments, get confirmation notifications, invoices, alerts and other updates. We developed the app after a thorough study of the needs of the healthcare industry and constant interaction with healthcare professionals, patients and management teams. The need was identified for a 24×7 contact point that is portable, handy and not restricted by the barriers of distance. It is a patient app, a hospital app and a doctor’s app rolled in one.


Integration with HIS

mobiCare is designed specifically to facilitate the seamless and smooth integration of mobility features to the HIS of hospitals. A future migration to full-fledged mobility will not be a daunting task to the hospital which goes for mobiCare. We take care to distribute the load on the information system evenly through single point channels. Efficiency of the system will be boosted as information requests become more specific, eventually eliminating the transfer of irrelevant data.

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Features of mobiCare

Hospital appointment from your fingertips
App users can browse through various specialities offered by a hospital and request for an appointment with a doctor of their choice. The request will be confirmed by the hospital. Users will be notified on mobiCare through push notifications. Patients can see the availability of doctors and chose a time slot for their appointment.
Multi-lingual support
mobiCare is available in Arabic language for the benefit of hospitals in the Middle East. Users can switch between English and Arabic formats by changing the default language option from the Language menu. Arabic format demo is available on request as well.
Medical Reports
Users can request for their medical report from the hospital via the mobile application. The reports will be sent from the CMS and the user will get a notification, after which they can view the report.
Push notification reminders
mobiCare will remind users via push notification regarding the scheduled appointments and medications. Appointment date, time and department will be displayed in doctor appointment reminders and patients can add medication reminders manually to their calendars.
Pregnancy Tips
mobiCare keeps the expecting mother informed about the types of foods she should eat during each phases of pregnancy, and also gives out tips that will help herself and the child stay healthy.
Track your health anytime, anywhere
mobiCare app integrates health tools such as Health Graph, BMI Calculator and Weight Monitor to assist the user to keep track of his health. These tools allow anyone to monitor their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The data will be recorded date-wise and graphs will be plotted by the app for a date range.
First Aid Tips
The first aid section of mobiCare explains the procedures to follow when you face a medical emergency. These tips under several categories will help people with moderate medical knowledge to keep things under control till medical help arrives. The content can also be searched through a search field at the top of the screen.
Faster Insurance Claim
Enter insurance details in the mobiCare app. It captures an image of the insurance card and saves it. This is a handy way for patients and hospitals to maintain insurance details.
Club all family members
Add details of family members into mobiCare and view; track their health status using a single account in a single device.
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