Social Media Integration!


Social Media Integration That We Do

Mobatia does the following social media integration:

  • Facebook API, OpenGraph & Twitter API
  • SMS API and others like Clickatell and MediaSMS
  • YouTube APIs and also LinkedIn API mostly for testing
  • We have developed an app for music that uses the Spotify API and will update the URL when the app is published
  • Vimeo API integrated into apps for playing videos
  • Google+ integrated for gaming
  • Instagram and Flickr integrated for photo and content sharing

Advantages of Social Media Integration

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Social network APIs can be used to assign points to the user depending on their loyalty and referrals
  • Social network SDKs are easy to plug and play
  • No additional backend infrastructure is needed

Our Strategies of Social Media Integration

Place Social Share Plugins on Product Pages of e-Commerce Websites
This is a sure way of generating social presence and conversation about the product on the social media channel. This will also enable the e-commerce store to place social buttons on its product page
Integrate Social Media-Based Commenting System
We use commenting systems based on social media like Disqus or Facebook Comments to integrate the experience of commenting and initiating conversations among people. Social conversations are always engaging
Showcase Social Media Reviews
Online users are compelled to buy something after seeing it being recommended. Sharing positive reviews is a way of making potential buyers buy. Positive feedback shared by past customers is used by a business as social proof for potential buyers
Embed Social Media Feed On Website
One way of showcasing all your social media feeds in one place is using a social media display feed wall. This tool aggregates and extracts brand-generated posts and user-generated content to display in a visually creative way on the social media wall

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