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The advantage of custom web applications is that they address the limitations of conventional SaaS tools by making businesses more efficient. They are further better equipped to meet the rising challenges of businesses due to their accessibility, security and easy customization. Customized web applications are found to really empower businesses.

  • ­Design web app that directly connects your audience.
  • ­Reduce business costs
  • ­Quick and easy updates

We develop web apps after thoroughly studying the clients’ business needs and priorities and the applications are always built keeping scalability in mind. By having such features for the apps, businesses are able to streamline their daily operations and processes thereby meeting challenges head-on and surmounting them to achieve their objectives. They help engender growth in brand value and intellectual property.

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Web Application Development Frameworks


Django is our preferred framework for building quality web apps. The framework was created with the intent of meeting rapidly moving newsroom deadlines while ensuring that they still live up to the demanding requirements of seasoned web developers. Django is amazingly quick, secure, scalable and versatile. The language we use in this framework is Python. Instagram, Disqus, Quora and Pinterest are among the most famous websites built with this framework.

Express. js

Express.js which is also called Express is a framework known for being minimal and flexible. It offers a robust set of features for both web and mobile applications. Many of the features are available as plugins. The framework is known for the speedy development of web applications based on Node.js. The framework is a critical component of the MEAN software bundle and has JavaScript as the language. The most reputed websites that make use of it include Storify, Myspace, and LearnBoost.


Laravel is the best PHP based on the MVC paradigm web app framework which is free and open-source. Our programmers are specially trained in the development of Laravel PHP Framework for small and large size projects. The Laravel application process managed the main aspects of web application development like authentication, routing, sessions and caching. Using eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping), CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) tokens and browser-based error reporting provides the greatest security for your websites and web apps. Our developers use the Blade Templating Engine to combine multiple templates with a Data Model. We also use Laravel’s database query builder to come up with seamless interfaces to create and run database queries. Migration handles the version control in the Codebase and Database of the framework. We create Rest API for Mobile and Web Apps using Laravel.

Code Igniter

Our developers combine PHP language with CodeIgniter framework development, thereby leveraging on the latter’s advantages like error-free coding and integration, fast development and platform compatibility, less code duplication, high levels of security and encryption and superior error-handling mechanism. We build applications that are fully compatible with the various versions of PHP versions like PHP4, PHP5 & PHP7, configurations and standard shared hosting accounts. Our developers are well-versed in code libraries of CodeIgniter that will help to provide you with outstanding bespoke applications.


We use Node.js which represents a multipurpose platform for web applications used to develop standard web applications on the server-side, where it can control a large number of occurring connections in a non-blocking way. It is easier to build lightweight and efficient products for startups and enterprises through software development with Node.js.
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