Integration With Hospital Information System!

What we help bring about in the process is an efficient and productive way of doing the following. 

  • Manage all departments, patients, and staff efficiently
  • Greatly improve patient experience
  • Reduce revenue leakages and stock wastage
  • In-time billing and automated, paperless operations
  • Put in place useful and advanced reporting

Our Solutions in HIS

Patient Management Portal

Improve patients’ control over their own health Safe, secure, private communication with physician Get the test results across to patients speedily and securely Better patient-physician relationship Greater focus on patient care & improve clinical outcomes Viewing patient notes in the portal Easier online payment processing Alert patients about medications refill, appointments & pending payments

Revenue Management

Automated billing process Bring down claims rejection and claims returned An effective process for billing and collection Optimized process for managing financial metrics

Clinical Management

Computerized Physician Order Entry Speech to text & video consent Clinical decision support system Customizable medical forms Proactive trends analysis Improve clinical productivity & enhance care levels Simple, intuitive and attractive User Interface Intelligent Patient Workflows Task Management Capabilities Expedite Patient Encounters

Inventory Management

Stock consumption with provision for FIFO A real-time request of stock by the stores
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