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We use Java web app development targeted at solutions for Enterprises. The biggest advantage of Java applications are that they are widely acknowledged all over the world for being user friendly. The Java applications easy to use, useful and easily ported from one device to another.

  • ­Multi Lingual Support
  • ­Ease of use and portability
  • Safe and secure

The network platform to create the Java applications is open source and well-organized. Different languages are supported and accessed with this software. This allows to link diverse people from diverse geographies. Java apps are safe and secure.

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Our Java Services

Distributed Programming

We are adept at Distributed Programming. The distributed object applications which are written in Java are implemented using Java Remote Method Invocation or RMI. The RMI applications are often comprised of two separate programs, viz., server and client. Remote objects are created in the server, references to these are made accessible and made to wait for clients to invoke methods on these remote objects. A remote reference to one or more remote objects in the server goes to the client and then invokes methods on them.

IoT & Embedded Systems

Mobatia was early to tap into the potential of IoT or Internet of Things. The concept is fast making the boundaries between the physical and the digital worlds disappear, thereby bringing about true convergence.  Our IoT solutions encompass a cross-section of industries, be it health, manufacturing, entertainment, construction or transportation. Their application plays a part in ensuring wellness, optimizing workflows and in making the day-to-day life of the general public easier and smoother. We bring together a mixture of required skills like domain knowledge, innovative thinking, technological know-how and strategy.

WebRTC integration

Mobatia is a leader in WebRTC technologies. We create flexible and scalable mobile apps using open-source WebRTC standards. We deliver interactive features like Audio-Video communication, Real Time Text Chatting, Screen Sharing, and even simple Data Exchange to complicated enterprise level solutions or stand-alone applications designed for suit the client’s requirements using WebRTC.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) a standards-based and business-driven IT architectural approach to managing services by different software packages for reuse and reconfiguration has evolved from being considered a cutting-edge concept for the most forward-thinking companies into a mainstream practice driving real business value in households and companies. SOA brings in expanding business value. SOA acts as a unifying force in IT-business alignment. The SOA-based programs and projects being complex, we advise organizations to prioritize opportunities for SOA deployment, identify qualitative and quantitative SOA value drivers and pinpoint specific SOA initiatives that bring the most value

Open Source Platforms

Because the open-source platforms are flexible, they are a preferred choice not just for start-ups but for corporates as well. The applications can be quickly designed, deployed and maintained We have long experience with open source platforms. We have a team of highly experienced solution architects, designers, certified developers and testers across multiple open source technologies.

Advantages of Java

Easy Integration
Easy Installation
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