What makes mobiSchool Unique?

mobiSchool is a 100% customizable mobile app for schools, training centres and other educational organizations from Mobatia. mobiSchool enhances the communication possibilities of schools by bringing effective, direct and on-time reach to the students and their parents/ guardians. mobiSchool’s instant, accurate and constant communication channel keeps parents connected to the schools 24×7 by providing live and instant updates from the school. This serves as a great school management software for parents and school management to be on the same page about what happens in the institution, it also improves trust, acceptance, and goodwill of the institutions. mobiSchool has won appraise for our client for being the best android school app.

mobiSchool app contents are managed by a backend CMS site. The school admin logs in to the CMS site and manages the contents of the app which will be reflected in it. Educational institutions play a very crucial role in nation-building. The efficient functioning of schools, colleges and training institutes can contribute to imparting high-quality education in a smarter way. This is possible by leveraging the latest in technology. Smartphones are used by almost everybody, with personal computers getting secondary importance in transactions. It makes sense to deliver solutions in education in mobile devices for better management of educational organizations. A teacher-parent communication app is important in this context. It also serves as the school messaging system app.

Benefits of mobiSchool

Accurate and instant communication

The app helps schools to send unlimited push notifications to the smartphones d the parents. This feature can be used to intimate about any new events or fee reminders

Improved relationship between parents and school management

mobiSchool app keeps parents updated on the events in the school including upcoming ones. This gives them a clear picture of their wards’ progress and helps in planning for their curricular and extra-curricular needs.

Aids school administration

The task of the school’s administration team is greatly lightened by using Mobatia’s school app. They can send messages and notifications to the parents at a click and cut on paperwork and such conventional communication methods.

Coordinated communication channel

Communication is generally unified and streamline via instant ***oadcasting using email, SMS and Push notifications.

Features of mobiSchool

  • Registration and Login: Users of the app including parents and students must register initially using their email id. The required fields are Name, Guardian’s Name, Class and Section, Email id, Phone no. and Student id or Registration no. Upon registration, the school admin can approve the registered user via the CMS allowing him to login to the app.
  • About Us: A brief introduction about the school
  • Push Notifications: All notifications and alerts sent from the school are listed here
  • Offered Courses/Classes: A list with a title which on clicking takes to a detail page
  • Schedules: Details of examination schedules and results. The titles will be listed on the schedules page and on clicking each item, will take to the detail page.
  • School News: Should be able to add school news incrementally. The content displayed will be usually a text and an image featuring articles, social media messages, etc.
  • School Events:  A list with detailed views of all the school events given chronologically with title, description date and time. Users are able to add these events to their phone calendar and share details on social media.
  • Report an Issue: User is enabled to report an issue from a form that has details like Title, Narration of the issue and optional photo upload.
  • School Holidays Calendar: A list in chronological order of the school holidays.

Features of mobiSchool

  • Meals Calendar: List of the weekly menu of the school canteen.
  • School supply list: List the supply list of school stores such as books, stationery and uniforms.
  • Media Gallery: Photos and videos gallery.
  • Social media links: Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube
  • School Location:  Locate the school with the help of Google Maps and plot the location of the school. The address of school is displayed.
  • School Staff Directory: List of the profiles of the teachers by categories.
  • School Facilities: List of the various facilities offered in the school.
  • School Library: A summary of the features of the school library.
  • Attendance app for teachers: The app helps mark attendance in schools.
  • Absence reporting: Helps parents and students to submit a leave request which will then be sent to the concerned teacher of the class.
  • Student Tracking: Every student will have an RFID-based GPS tracking badge or card. The location of the student will be plotted on Google Maps within the app.
  • School Bus Finder:  Helps parents to know the location and timing of school buses every morning and evening. This is helpful, especially during inclement weather.
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