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Amazon Cloud Search, S3 and Elastic Compute Cloud

We use Amazon Cloud Search to manage search solutions for your mobile application or website. Amazon S3 stores a large amount of data, and the AWS EC2 helps developers to rapidly deploy and manage applications in the cloud. Mobatia is capable of providing you with a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing needs. 'One size never fits all' and that's why our Amazon AWS developers first understand your business needs and accordingly align the top of the line AWS services for you.


AWS Lambda & CloudTrail

We use the powerful AWS Lambda to run code in response to specific events and also AWS CloudTrail to record API calls and send log files to Amazon S3 buckets for storage. Our Cloud Services provide design, delivery and operational support of computing, storage and virtual network infrastructure within the AWS cloud. Both AWS and our managed services enable the enterprise through the hybrid cloud. You can scale up and down to continually meet your changing business needs, ensuring that your IT costs and services will continually align with business demand. We can scale up and align to meet the client's growing needs whether you have critical workloads that demand a full suite of services or are only looking for a light-touch service to control costs. We are uniquely positioned to support AWS and give your organization total control of, and greater visibility into, your AWS environment.

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