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Tik Tap

It is a directory mobile application in Android and iOS that enables the users to search for all outlets such as textiles, plumbers and maintenance work. Gone are the days when people rely on time-taking manual directories to look up information they instantly need. This app allows you to fetch the specific information that you


It is a mobile application for Hotel Booking and Specialty Stays in the state of Kerala. Kerala is a land renowned for its natural abundance and hailed by National Geographic as one of the 50 must-see destinations in the world. Tourism is the main industry and there is a steady flow of visitors to the


ProConn is a hybrid mobile application used for tracking the shipment details of goods. Inventory and Goods receipt notes are often a time-taking and labor-intensive process in companies. This app addresses those issues to a considerable extent. This leads to more customer delight and more repeat orders. Overall a big plus for businesses.

Green Card

It is a visiting card creation app that lets users create and share their own unique identity or green cards with everyone. Features Crispy interface Share awesome visiting cards with anyone Email your personal visiting cards Green card exchange between 2 green card app users

Positive Vibrations

It is a transformation tool that allows users to redefine their thoughts and life experiences. The app is a good assistance for behavioural coaches and wellness trainers. Used individually also, it helps you set your own positivity goals at your pace. Features Developed for both Android and iOS devices Provides a holistic experience to users

On The High Line

It is an interactive travelogue application that lets users view city sights in the form of over 100 beautiful images with accompanying texts. The app covers everything a visitor needs to explore like an insider, including gardens, design, and art of the city. Features The maps depict the High Line, and nearby bars, cafés and

Safe Text Sender

It is an auto-response application developed to prevent distractions caused by incoming phone messages and calls while a user is busy driving. Features Enhances safety of user on the road Sends auto-response to caller that user is driving and will get back when the drive is finished Sends auto-responses for events such as meetings, school,


This app is handy for dog lovers who hire others to walk their pets every day. It allows remote tracking of walking path, real time location info via GPS, etc. The owner can accordingly made alternations to plan if desired or provide feedback to the walker Features An iPhone application created for a Dog Walking


This app enables users to store their purchase information so that they have readily available histories of their shopping expenses and product info handy. Features Purchase information available quickly Highly customisable Awesome interfaces Simple functionality

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