Mobile application DEVELOPMENT

It is estimated that the mobile app industry which accounts for over $25 billion worth of sales globally today will jump further into domains that people never expected it to move into. Research firms such as Gartner, IDC, etc have predicted that within a couple of years, an average human behaviour will include a minimum of 2 hours spent with an app. Mobatia was one of the first in line of unique mobile experience providers that focussed their core expertise on development and deployment of mobile apps for all popular mobile OS platforms and for any industry vertical be it healthcare to retail to education to even entertainment. Our commitment to service delivery at the best possible time frame and our emphasis on quality app development have earned us numerous recognitions from our clients and the industry as a whole amongst which our biggest achievement was being a Red Herring Top 100 Asian finalist for Innovative Company Outreach. Our organization focuses on delivering the best possible experience for our customers with mobile apps be it any industry vertical they are associated with.

iOS app development


Undoubtedly the platform that kick-started the App revolution globally, iOS offers a wide area of interest as far as mobile application development is concerned. At Mobatia, our team of analysts and engineers will assist you from step 1 of requirements gathering to the final product delivery. We have expertise in developing and deploying a large number of applications on the iOS platform and our products excel on all devices running iOS namely the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Android app development


Being one of the hottest locations as far as app development activities are concerned, our engineers have left no spots in this sector unnoticed. With years of experience and a cluster of apps later, Mobatia today has capabilities to drive any kind of Android app project from design to development to delivery in a whisker. Whether it be ergonomic designs or scalable app infrastructure, we have it all covered for you.

Blackberry app development


Though relatively new in the App sector, the Blackberry OS platform is a promising and rather challenging opportunity for App developers. Mobatia is amongst one of the first companies to target this niche area of app development and with solid development policies accompanying technical implementations; our engineers can deliver almost any Blackberry application assignments seamlessly.

Windows app development

mobatia-windows app development

After a brief starting trouble, Windows app development has started to rise and is now a top contender for other popular App platforms. We have enough talent on board to understand your needs and deliver a customized Windows app for the same. Be it integration of common utilities such as web services, platforms supporting media playback, you name it, we have it.

Hybrid app development services

mobatia-hybrid app development

Though having quite a number of limitations, Hybrid app development or cross-platform app development services are dubbed the future of apps. At Mobatia, we do not hesitate to have an eye for future technologies and our core operational philosophy lies with developing products and services that implement tomorrow technology in today’s devices. As such we have immense capabilities to develop cross platform Apps that excel user expectations.

Mobile web

mobatia-mobile web development

When nearly two-thirds of active internet users today browse the internet through their mobiles, it is necessary to provide a rich experience to all users by providing a unique mobile website in addition to having apps tailor made for your website. At Mobatia, we have teams that can extensively understand customer behaviour and churn out targeted mobile websites which have minimal response time and maximum agility.

Enterprise mobility

mobatia-enterprise mobility

Mobility is transforming not just the average customer, but enterprises as a whole. With new age work trends as well as organizational paradigms, mobility as well as agility in work environments cannot be ignored. Mobatia’s revolutionary enterprise mobility products help streamline organizational data structuring as well as information exchange and facilitates smoother operations courtesy of advanced business solutions. BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policies are far from a concept today as they have turned into a rolling stock as far as enterprise adaptation is concerned. We provide extensive enterprise software suites that cater to almost all diverse needs of an organization be it in any industry vertical.

Mobile marketing

mobatia-mobile marketting

Getting an app done technically is in itself a big challenge, but when there are millions of options to get it done, it’s really a matter of time when things will fall in place. In today’s ultra competitive app market, the only way to stay on top is to get maximum exposure from the internet. Our highly targeted marketing campaigns which include a mix of blogs, SEO, Press Releases, Social Media Promotion, to name a few ensure that your businesses mobile solution remains not just as an app for the masses, but reaches out to the masses in time.

Mobile commerce

mobatia-mobile commerce

One area where mobile apps are making huge strides is the online retail sector. If e-commerce was the show-stopper in the past decade, the spotlight today is on mobile commerce. Delivering personalized shopping experiences for users demands deep understanding of interaction points and delivering the most sophisticated yet simple solutions that cater to shoppers and their behavioural patterns. Mobatia ensures that customer sentiments are well understood and M-commerce solutions are conceived and deployed based on these.

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