Web application Development

The number of websites being added every hour on the World Wide Web is nearly countless. But the real question is how many of these websites really make a difference for businesses? At Mobatia, we thrive to create that particular niche of websites which drive maximum value to our esteemed customers and those which create a unique experience for visitors rather than simply putting up a collection of content and images. Today any kind of application can be developed and deployed on the internet and legacy systems are fast becoming extinct and making way for revolutionary web applications. Our engineers can provide the most comprehensive and feature rich web applications to cater to any complex challenges that businesses may face. Having a solid and robust web engineering workforce at bay, all it takes is a conversation to express your concept and before you know it, the application would be up and running after rigorous quality control and requirement adherence testing carried out.

Website Design

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The first step in creating an impression on the web is to have a website that gets its design right. No matter how much information is up for grabs in a website, if the design does not stand out, nothing can make up for the loss. Furthermore, having a good looking website meant for PC’s alone is not enough today. It needs to be responsive, agile and scalable as per the requirements that may arise over time. At Mobatia our design teams carefully carve out masterpieces that stand out from the rest and leave quite a space for creativity, innovation as well as flexibility.

Rich Internet Application

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The fate of legacy applications looks very dim today as web applications often centred on technologies such as cloud computing are fast catching up in the international scenario. As with our other ventures, Mobatia has its sights set on capturing the essence of web application development to churn out tailor made web apps that help both enterprises as well as consumers to enjoy better ingenuity and web experiences.

E-Commerce Applications

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Undoubtedly one of the most coveted industries in the world, e-commerce today is a complex web of contenders who are keen to pounce on every retail opportunity that springs up. At Mobatia, we deliver specialized e-commerce solutions that leverage the full potential of customer driven design, behavioural analytics and our products attempt to distinguish our clients from their market contenders. Security as well as data integrity is guaranteed to ensure that your shoppers get the best feeling of satisfaction each time they visit your site.

Content Management System

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CMS have undoubtedly taken the internet to another level of comfort and has empowered millions with minimal web knowledge to create and maintain their own websites. At Mobatia, we have the expertise to create highly customisable content delivery systems in addition to offering world class CMS expertise in popular CMS’s such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Our CMS products are fully scalable and can cope with rising requirements of any business.

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