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Mobatia’s Mobile Application Development services are the result of thorough market analysis, technology competency, and industry best practices. Different enterprises have different business needs. However, our approach to providing solutions for a business is underlined by a common objective, which is dedicated, iterative planning to help it attain boost. We ideate, design and develop optimum mobile applications incorporating the latest technologies and trends.

  • ­Expert guidance to build your mobile application
  • ­Save time, resource and money!
  • ­Create endless business

We deliver customized, high-performing, and pixel-perfect native mobile applications on both iOS and Android platform. Our advantage is our wealth of experience in building applications for gaming, social media integration, augmented reality, push messaging, web services integration, database synchronization, etc. in iOS and Android Platforms. We are keen on the fast delivery of high-end solutions without compromising on app performance.

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Services We Provide

Mobile App Development
We develop fully customisable mobile apps by understanding the customer needs.
Web Development
We thrive to create that particular niche of websites which drive maximum value to our esteemed customers
Mobile App Design
We design mobile apps which looks appealing for our customers
Cloud Services
We provide cloud services to clients on demand through AWS and Google Cloud

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Exellent Service

Mobatia are great to work with. They offer great service, a wide range of technical expertise and we are very happy with the product they helped us to create. I would highly recommend them.

Greatly Appreciated

Mobatia worked collaboratively with our school to build a unique parent app experience that has surpassed expectations. Mobatia were always on-hand to provide support throughout the build and bought the user experience to life.

They Did a Great Job

We were looking for a single Mobile App to cater to our 5 Branches, we choose to implement Mobicare enterprise App for Hospital network, Mobatia provided us with an App that met our expectation and developed all the features we wanted in the app. We understand that they are true professional & have deliver’s the App as committed. We would be glad to work with them for further enhancement of the App.

Exellent Support

It has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with Mobatia. They have quickly become our go to company for all things mobile and web. It's rare you find a company that is able to deliver high quality product with great turnaround time and top client relations. Mobatia is definitely a company we look forward to working with over and over again in the future

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September 25, 2019


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artificial intelligence is also called Machine Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence means intelligence displayed by machines in contrast to the intelligence displayed by humans. There are three different types of artificial intelligence such as Analytical, Human Inspires and Humanized artificial intelligence. Analytical AI is associated with the cognitive intelligence in which the learning is based

August 25, 2017


Blockchain is found by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto (it may be a group of people, identity is unknown for the name) in the year 2008. Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that record transaction between two parties efficiently and effectively. Blockchain is managed by a peer to peer network in which the data is stored in like “first

August 25, 2017


Application Sandboxing, Protection against buffer and overflow attacks are some of the security features that an android operating system has, so the simple android apps that do not perform any file system or networking operations can be considered secure by default. As for complex android apps, it is the developer’s and the user’s responsibility to

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