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Technology for gaming mobile applications

We mostly use the popular game engine technology of Unity for our game development. The success of our creation is vouched for by end-users who are hooked to the games. Unity is compatible with multiple platforms and allows one-time development. Due to its accessible interface and compatibility with many art asset formats, it is easy to prototype and use for publishing projects to different hardware platforms. It has an integrated physics engine, powerful scene editor, and unified format. The popularity of the games market is also attributed to it being an amazingly diverse area. Games range from 3D animation ones that gross billions of dollars to non-profit educational videos. At Mobatia we have passionate game developers who continue to raise the bar in developing 2D and 3D games using a vast array of tools. </p> <p>


Frameworks used

We use the frameworks of HTML5 and JavaScript for interactive web-based content. These have the benefit of improved native browser compatibility. 2D and 3D games can be implemented through WebGL, resulting in a flexible framework that can be easily accessed from most web browsers. We use Google Play and iOS Game Center which are integrated, OS-level APIs for games offered by Google and Apple respectively. These allow users to share their leaderboard rankings and achievements across devices. Our developers integrate the clients' mobile games into their Android and iOS ecosystems. We do modeling and animation in Maya and Blender, UI/UX design with AutoDesk products, and traditional 2D concept art written with Adobe utilities.<br />

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