Indian School of Algubra


Indian School Al Ghubra’s free mobile app gives you simple and secure access to our school information and services and enables you to access the profiles of your wards. App enables parents, students and staff to easily access school notifications, news, photos, videos, curriculum resources, profiles of the teachers, social media, calendar and general information to stay connected and informed. User can view leave lists and details. App user can also view daily quotes and stories. User can view the various academic categories like sports, arts etc. App list out the school address, contact number, mail id, location, website and all other contact information.


They are preferred to have the slider menu in the home page listing all the features of the app so that it will be easy for the App users to find the option and access it.


Important school news and notifications. Interactive resources, including event calendar Staff directories Photo and video gallery Curriculum resources Social media and online link access

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